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Cobweb Diagrams of Elementary Cellular Automata

Cobweb Diagrams of Elementary Cellular Automata

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My recent publication at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project: Cobweb Diagrams of Elementary Cellular Automata “Each possible state in the evolution of an elementary cellular automaton (ECA) can be uniquely labeled by an integer. For a finite-width ECA, this set is mapped to itself during the ECA evolution. Thus an ECA defines a recurrence relation on a […]

Lissajous Patterns on a Sphere Surface

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Another Demonstration of mine was published at the Wolfram Demonstration Project. It helps to explore and create spherical artistic designs. I  generalized Lissajous curves to spherical coordinates. Azimuthal and polar angles undergo oscillations while the radius is kept constant. Although with the parameterization given I sought to emphasize the artistic side of Lissajous patterns, other spherical parameterizations […]

Voronoi Image of Random Walks

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The Wolfram Demonstration Project has an excellent example by Yu-Sung Chang showing construction of a Voronoi diagram using distance transform on a set of points in 2D plane. Here same method is used on a set of points which perform random walks. All calculations and animation are done in Mathematica. Yu-Sung Chang Demonstration: Voronoi Image […]