Wolfram|Alpha Launches Widgets

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Vitaliy Kaurov Widgets

Wolfram Alpha LCC launched Widgets and Widget Builder on July 27, 2010. Users are now able to incorporate customizable Wolfram|Alpha queries into their websites, blogs, and social networking sites. Because of the simplicity and power of Widgets, the implications are quite remarkable. Anyone can design an app with personally customized data and calculation interface and share it across the web. Add local weather to your blog, an integral calculator to your academic website, create and share nutrition labels, stock data plots, DNA sequence analysis, and many other Wolfram|Alpha calculations.  The Widget Builder provides flexible tools and is quite easy to master. Publishing a simple widget may take just a few minutes. I already built a few widgets (see the image on the left) and had a lot of fun. Check out my “Relative Weather” widget in the sidebar. I encourage everyone to try and build their own. Go to Wolfram|Alpha Widgets to start.