“Mathematica Render” channel and group on Vimeo

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“Mathematica Render” channel and group were recently created on Vimeo to gather a community of enthusiasts designing videos using Wolfram Research Mathematica software. The goal is to promote Mathematica examples of dynamic visualizations that can be used in research, education and art. With such Mathematica capabilities as simulated camera, lighting, image processing, various export options, and many other tools quite remarkable results can be achieved. Anyone is welcome to join, share work, ideas and code examples. Please take a look below at a few example videos from “Mathematica Render”.

Dancing Engines from Vitaliy Kaurov on Vimeo.

3D Without Glasses: Driving Mathematica’s Simulated Camera from Vitaliy Kaurov on Vimeo.

Lightshow: Arranging Light Sources in Mathematica from Vitaliy Kaurov on Vimeo.

Mathematica Render