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Stereoscopic 3D Macromolecule 1TF6

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Stereoscopic 3D Macromolecule 1TF6 from Vitaliy Kaurov on Vimeo. To watch this video you need “red-cyan anaglyph glasses”.  This video was made with Mathematica 7. This type of red-cyan anaglyph videos can be useful for display of complex 3D structures. Once the structure is built it takes just a few lines of Mathematica code to […]

“Mathematica Render” channel and group on Vimeo

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“Mathematica Render” channel and group were recently created on Vimeo to gather a community of enthusiasts designing videos using Wolfram Research Mathematica software. The goal is to promote Mathematica examples of dynamic visualizations that can be used in research, education and art. With such Mathematica capabilities as simulated camera, lighting, image processing, various export options, […]

Voronoi Image of Random Walks

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The Wolfram Demonstration Project has an excellent example by Yu-Sung Chang showing construction of a Voronoi diagram using distance transform on a set of points in 2D plane. Here same method is used on a set of points which perform random walks. All calculations and animation are done in Mathematica. Yu-Sung Chang Demonstration: Voronoi Image […]