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Idea-nets and uniqueness of US inaugural addresses

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What is common between a symphony and a novel? They both progress linearly in time. This is why songs match lyrics and music so well. This seems obvious but comprehension of spacial objects is different. You can look at a two-dimensional painting and your sense of art is driven by the simultaneous perception of different […]

Who Owns the West? Federal Lands 2014

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This map is a spectacular example of how data reshape public perception and knowledge. Very simple in nature it nevertheless shocks an average citizen by giving clarity to the data usually buried in obscure tables. East versus west, federal versus private, – the contrast is sharp and reverberates in the minds entangled with American history. […]

Evolution of topics in Romeo & Juliet

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The actual APP that does some analysis of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is located HERE. Please wait through a potential little load or evaluation times, it is computing! Read below for the explanation of how app works and other ideas on Shakespeare’s data mining. April 23, 2016 marks 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Just a […]

Interactive 3D Calabi-Yau Surface

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Wolfram Language allows creation of computational 3D models. These are different from those you can build with your own hands such as SketchUp etc, because computations are often intrinsically different from the way humans see and think. Let’s take for example Calabi-Yau Surface. It is a mathematical object and it is hard to imagine it. […]


Happy ASCII New Year ;-)

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I can occasionally appreciate a nice ASCII art design. But the better is the design, the more manual and custom approach it needs – or so it seems. It is actually quite challenging, if you think about it, to transform a known image or shape to a limited medium using finite set of geometries. So […]

Sin Tree

t * sin (t) = Christmas tree

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Another code sample from Wolfram Community. I noticed that a discussion about programming a lighted Christmas Tree from a simple equation t*Snt[t] became very popular on Reddit. It is connected to a project a programmer developed. I thought how fast we can make it with Wolfram language? Here is the result with slight flickering 😉 […]