Stereoscopic 3D Macromolecule 1TF6

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Stereoscopic 3D Macromolecule 1TF6 from Vitaliy Kaurov on Vimeo.

To watch this video you need “red-cyan anaglyph glasses”.  This video was made with Mathematica 7. This type of red-cyan anaglyph videos can be useful for display of complex 3D structures. Once the structure is built it takes just a few lines of Mathematica code to render a stereoscopic 3D tour of it. The actual code to produce the visual part is so short that I show it below for instructive purposes. Read about the molecule HERE. Mathematica package: StereoImagery.m by Mark Fisher.

======== Mathematica CODE ========
IMG = Import[“URL”, “PDB”, Background -> Black, Axes -> False];
FILMmol = Table[MakeAnaglyph[Show[IMG, ViewAngle -> 33 \[Degree], ViewPoint -> (.1 + Sin[t {1.062, 1.358, 1.566}]), ImageSize -> 1500]] , {t, .3, 3.7 Pi, .005}];
Export[“FILMmol.avi”, FILMmol]
======== Mathematica CODE ========

The code uses URL:\compression=NO&structureId=1tf6