Automating xkcd Diagrams: Transforming Serious to Funny

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An article I wrote for Wolfram Blog was just released. Here is the beginning: “On early Monday morning I noticed an interesting question posted on Mathematica Stack Exchange titled quite innocently “xkcd-style graphs.” Due to the popularity of Randall Munroe’sxkcd web comic, I expected a bit more than average of about ten or so up-votes, a few bookmarks. Little did I know. Spontaneously emerging viral events are hard to predict, so if you are lucky to catch one, it is fascinating to watch its propagation across the web and the growth of its ranks. In a matter of two days, this post received more than 100,000 views, 200 up-votes, and 150 bookmarks; produced responses and similar posts across other Stack Exchange communities; triggered a small tornado on Twitter; and was discussed on Hacker News andreddit.” To read the rest please follow this link. You will learn how fun it is to make the diagrams like you see below with Mathematica:

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