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Idea-nets and uniqueness of US inaugural addresses

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What is common between a symphony and a novel? They both progress linearly in time. This is why songs match lyrics and music so well. This seems obvious but comprehension of spacial objects is different. You can look at a two-dimensional painting and your sense of art is driven by the simultaneous perception of different […]

Evolution of topics in Romeo & Juliet

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The actual APP that does some analysis of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is located HERE. Please wait through a potential little load or evaluation times, it is computing! Read below for the explanation of how app works and other ideas on Shakespeare’s data mining. April 23, 2016 marks 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Just a […]


Happy ASCII New Year ;-)

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I can occasionally appreciate a nice ASCII art design. But the better is the design, the more manual and custom approach it needs – or so it seems. It is actually quite challenging, if you think about it, to transform a known image or shape to a limited medium using finite set of geometries. So […]

Sin Tree

t * sin (t) = Christmas tree

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Another code sample from Wolfram Community. I noticed that a discussion about programming a lighted Christmas Tree from a simple equation t*Snt[t] became very popular on Reddit. It is connected to a project a programmer developed. I thought how fast we can make it with Wolfram language? Here is the result with slight flickering 😉 […]

The Shadow Of The Wind

Mighty reads: “Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

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I just finished reading “Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of fiction. Exceptional style of writing wraps twists of story-line unraveling the mystery in rich poetic and metaphoric language. Besides dramatic roller-coaster of events and emotions, the book constantly induces thoughts and imagery and […]

Automating xkcd Diagrams: Transforming Serious to Funny

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An article I wrote for Wolfram Blog was just released. Here is the beginning: “On early Monday morning I noticed an interesting question posted on Mathematica Stack Exchange titled quite innocently “xkcd-style graphs.” Due to the popularity of Randall Munroe’sxkcd web comic, I expected a bit more than average of about ten or so up-votes, a few bookmarks. Little did I […]

Lissajous Patterns on a Sphere Surface

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Another Demonstration of mine was published at the Wolfram Demonstration Project. It helps to explore and create spherical artistic designs. I  generalized Lissajous curves to spherical coordinates. Azimuthal and polar angles undergo oscillations while the radius is kept constant. Although with the parameterization given I sought to emphasize the artistic side of Lissajous patterns, other spherical parameterizations […]

Peter de Jong Ephemeral Attractors

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I made another video with Mathematica. The six changing shapes in the video are called attractors. They are graphical forms of a simple mathematical formula attributed to Peter de Jong. At any given moment the way a single attractor looks depends only on four numbers. A slight variation in these numbers can remarkably change the […]

“Mathematica Render” channel and group on Vimeo

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“Mathematica Render” channel and group were recently created on Vimeo to gather a community of enthusiasts designing videos using Wolfram Research Mathematica software. The goal is to promote Mathematica examples of dynamic visualizations that can be used in research, education and art. With such Mathematica capabilities as simulated camera, lighting, image processing, various export options, […]

Voronoi Image of Random Walks

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The Wolfram Demonstration Project has an excellent example by Yu-Sung Chang showing construction of a Voronoi diagram using distance transform on a set of points in 2D plane. Here same method is used on a set of points which perform random walks. All calculations and animation are done in Mathematica. Yu-Sung Chang Demonstration: Voronoi Image […]

Geotagging and image editing with iPhone

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This image was taken, edited and geotagged with iPhone 3G. It’s a snapshot of an artist’s drawing on the ground at Union Square, NYC. iPhone apps used: Mobile – to edit the image changing contrast, photo effect, etc. GPS MapCard 2 – to geotag the image embedding it in Google map

Kestutis Vaiginis and his jazz in New York

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A good friend of mine, great Lithuanian jazz saxophonists Kestutis Vaiginis, is now visiting New York to share his art. In May 2008 I made a photo shoot for him and some of the pictures were used to make the cover for his CD “Unexpected Choices “. Today Friday, February 5th he will be presenting […]